A new look

So as you can see I've been a little busy remaking the website. Of course the Keyframed website has been moved to another place (accessable in the nav bar).
As always, improvements are still being made and the website is becoming more functional.

So what's the plan? Well...

The plan

This is where I am going to be showing all of the things that I am up to. Whether it is coding, Minecraft or game development, it will be avaliable to view here and all open sourced projects will have downloads avaliable.
Keyframed will still be a work in progress website, which I hope in future to improve and finish.
This is also a place where I will post major updates about me, video production and other projects' progress.

Up until now I have been coding in HTML, CSS and Javascript. I am however, learning how to code in C++ and GLSL, with this knowledge, I plan to make some new, interesting projects.

My schedule

What?! KP on a schedule? This is unheard of... until now... hopefully

So yeah this is a place where you can find all of this months events concerning me.
I will also be posting here when I am away and unavaliable.

October 2016

Follow me


Yeah this is where I post all of my videos, redstone proects and edits. If this is the stuff that you like then maybe you should check it out!



This is where a lot of updates are posted about me. The things that I like and the things that I'm up to. Come along and have a chat!


Helping hands

So I can't do all this by myself, oh no!

I would like to thank G4me4u for helping me learn new coding languages and debugging my code countless times. seriously man, your support is amazing!

I wouldn't be in the world of video editing and graphics design if it wasnt for my good friend Logicraft, co-founder of Keyframed. When I first saw your videos, I was blown away and now, seeing how in such little time we have both improved brings tears of joy to my eyes.

Thanks to the Redstoner community, without which I wouldn't even still be playing Minecraft, let alone have become as good at website design as I have.


Check out this handsome fella over here!



Go on, you know you wanna take a look!


And most of all thank you to all of you for all of your love and support. Without you I wouldn't be here.